Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Department at Gindi Maimonides Academy is built on a core belief that, in order for our children to succeed, we must first create an environment of unconditional love and respect. We value the individuality of our children and provide developmentally appropriate experiences to help them grow and learn. We take pride in building a safe, nurturing environment on the enduring foundation of תורה ומצות.

“ודברת בם בשבתך בביתך ובלכתך בדרך ובשכבך ובקמך”

“and you shall talk of them when you sit in thy house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when thou rise up” – (Deuteronomy 6:7)

This verse above, which we recite twice daily in קריאת שמע, urges us to become lifelong learners. The defining goal of creating lifelong learners is never more vital than during the early years when the child’s sense of wonder and discovery is his or her personal hallmark. As a result, we believe that all aspects of our Early Childhood Department need to be child-centered to maximize growth, independence, and self-esteem. It is during these formative years, that our children learn to navigate their world, and we strive to give them the confidence that they can and will succeed.

We believe that play is meaningful and essential. It is through play that our children reflect and refine those physical, cognitive, social/emotional and language building areas which contribute to the total development of the child.

At Gindi Maimonides Academy, we recognize that parents are our children’s first teachers. It is only through this partnership that we will create a community of caring, respect and growth, essential to our children’s success. To this end, consistent and clear communication with our parents represents the primary bridge between home and school– and family involvement within our Early Childhood Department is always encouraged and appreciated.


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Lower School and Middle School Curriculum

Gindi Maimonides Academy’s goal is to educate our children to become committed to academic achievement, to perform Mitzvot, and to lead ethical lives as dedicated Jews and proud Americans. Our message to the children is that learning is the key to opening up both the Jewish and secular worlds. The development of curiosity and excitement about learning, as well as the development of critical thinking skills, is emphasized in all subject areas. A warm and nurturing environment helps stimulate children to perform at their optimum level. Our motto is “Striving for Excellence,” and both our General and Judaic Studies programs have been developed to provide a harmonious, well-rounded education, which meets the highest standards.

Gindi Maimonides Academy is a supportive partner in helping children reach adulthood with a sense of pride in their heritage and the ability to contribute as future members of the EH9B0686Jewish community. We foster a love of people, Torah, and the land of Israel. We provide our students with the skills necessary to participate meaningfully in Jewish rituals, prayer services, and holidays. Our students gain proficiency in the Hebrew language and familiarity  with Biblical texts. We endeavor to impart knowledge of Jewish law, ethics, and customs in an atmosphere of positive encouragement.

Gindi Maimonides Academy parents know that their children are looked upon both as individuals and as contributing group members, capable of reaching their highest academic potential. In addition, opportunities for enrichment and growth, both within the academic curriculum and through extra curricular activities, are offered to students, seeking to tap the unique talents of each and every child. As such, the priority of our administrative staff is the continual monitoring of each child’s progress and the development of open communication with parents.

We believe that students learn best in a secure and warm environment where they  gain an ever-expanding sense of pride in their own heritage and beliefs. Knowledge is acquired within an ethical context and children are led to ask the question, “How will I be when I grow up?” as well as, “What will I be?”  Learning is a family affair and children thrive in a lively and active community. Parent involvement is encouraged throughout our school program, and parent education opportunities are offered regularly.

All of the students at Gindi Maimonides Academy have the right to a positive, warm, and nurturing environment where they can learn and play safely and comfortably. Students are encouraged to care about others and to demonstrate school spirit and pride. Our primary goal is to help students develop the highest standards for Middot (strength of character), academic achievement, and to encourage students to build a strong self- concept and to believe in themselves.