About Gindi Maimonides Academy

Core Values

EXCELLENCE Accepting only the highest standards, we endeavor to reach our greatest potential in every area of achievement.
DRIVE We maintain an unrelenting sense of urgency and purpose as we chart our course for future success on behalf of our children and community.
RESPONSIBILITY We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, our commitments, and to teaching each child according to their individual needs.
PASSION We ignite and cultivate passion in our children.
CONNECTION We develop meaningful relationships that foster a strong and enduring sense of community.
RESPECT We model an environment that treats all people with dignity, kindness and compassion.
COMMITMENT We are dedicated to teaching our children the beauty of a life devoted to Torah and Mitzvot.


Gindi Maimonides Academy is committed to achievement. We teach our children to be prideful and inspired to lead ethical lives as dedicated B’nei Torah and proud Americans. Whether our children are learning Torah, performing Mitzvot or engaging society in a meaningful manner, our students are inspired to challenge themselves and their perceived boundaries.  

Curiosity is at the forefront of every curriculum objective that we undertake. Our warm and nurturing environment stimulates children to embrace learning with a passion that is unmatched – the trademark of a “Maimonides” education. Our motto, “The Maimonides Way,” has been developed to provide a harmonious and integrated Judaic and General studies education, which meets the highest standards.

Gindi Maimonides Academy Teacher's Pledge

“We, the teachers at Gindi Maimonides Academy,  pledge to do everything in our power to make Gindi Maimonides Academy a place where every student feels respected and safe. Above all else, we believe that the most important values that we must impart to our students are kindness, resiliency and midot tovot.”


New Campus Expansion

Our new 50,000 square foot Kest Family Building housing grades 2-8 provides a spacious, ultra-modern environment that sustains and grows 21st century learning.  The building boasts an innovation lab that gives students the opportunity to incubate and develop projects through computer programming, engineering, and makerspace activities. A Bet Midrash, Makom Kavua (dedicated space), enhances lower school tefillah, and provides a space for chavruta style learning. Our majestic new shul is outfitted with distinct shape and character including an exquisitely designed Aron HaKodesh, all hand-crafted in Israel by Kibbutz Lavi. There are also two science labs which will provide opportunities for our students to become involved in STEM instruction, and learn the basics of Chemistry and Physics.  Our music center, art room, and state of the art library, will enhance the creativity in all of our students.


The Academy is a member of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which set the standards for the finest private schools throughout the state of California . In order to be considered and maintain its membership in CAIS, Gindi Maimonides Academy must demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the physical, intellectual, moral and social development of students. It must be college preparatory, offering small classes, a rich curriculum and individual attention. The school is also a member of the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), and the Bureau of Jewish Education (BJE).


Gindi Maimonides Academy is nestled on a quiet tree-lined street located adjacent to Beverly Hills, on the border between Los Angeles and West Hollywood.  An oasis within a busy city, Gindi Maimonides Academy is minutes away from city parks, shopping centers, Sephardic and Ashkenazi shuls, museums, and kosher restaurants.  We serve the West LA, Beverlywood, Beverly Hills, and Hancock Park communities, as well as the Valley communities.

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